What? Why I can’t hear you…

So while writing that post about favorite concerts I called a friend to see if I got the details correct. I was way off. I had thought the 1988 Slayer was the last on the South of Heaven tour when it wasn’t. I started looking through my ticket stubs and found out that I saw them the next night in Riverside and I know that wasn’t the last night of tour. I now think the Hollywood show was the opening show of tour.

Looking through the ticket stubs leads to this post. Here is what I think I have seen in my lifetime:

17th – Def Leppard, Eddie Money, Motley Crue and Uriah Heap. Last KGB Sky Show concert. Motley Crue in a pre Shout at the Devil appearance.

31st – OZZY/Ratt @ Sports Arena
24th – Scorpions/Bon Jovi @ SA. Recorded for their live album. I went with my friend David and sat next to my friend Eric who I went to Hoover with. Unfortunately I had brought a stink bomb with me and dropped it under my seat between the opening act and Scorpions. I grabbed David and ran before everyone smelled it. Needless to say, Eric was not happy when I saw him at school the next day.
9th – Judas Priest/Great White @ Sports Arena
21st – Van Halen @ Sports Arena. Never was a big VH fan and I just did not like this show. Maybe if  I knew Dave was going to leave. But I mostly did not like the tone that Eddie started using on this album. It went from a metal guitar to this over processed sound. Typical of a lot of bands back then who for some reason thought better production made their albums heavier. It just made them sound washed out IMO.
7th – Ratt/Fastway @ Open Air Ampitheatre
28th – Quiet Riot/Whitesnake/Kick Axe @ SA. Fucking ridiculous that I get this info from a Kick Axe website and cannot find the info on any Whitesnake or Quiet Riot sites.
27th- Dio/Dokken @ SA – (No ticket(meaning not confirmed)) Last in Line Tour
26th – Ratt/Lita Ford @ SA. No ticket and not sure if I went.

22nd – KISS/Queensryche @SA Well…sort of. I have (had) a ticket for the show and can tell a story about getting it. But my parents would not let me go because of my grades…
9th – Metallica/Armored Saint @ Backdoor at SDSU. This show was actually mentioned in Kerrang magazine (UK) as one of the hottest shows the author had been to. The show was incredible. Metallica on the Ride the Lightning tour. Talk to anyone that was there but Armored Saint almost out performed them. I think this was probably the strongest show I have ever seen two bands perform. It was definitely the hottest show ever. I remember at one point wiping my hand on the wall and it was covered in water. It was literally a sauna in there. I can’t remember how many people were there but not many. This was before they remodeled it. So it was a really small place. If I remember correctly its probably smaller than the Ken Club. If not for the Metallica secret shows this would be my favorite Metallica show.
25th- Iron Maiden/Twisted Sister @ SA. Powerslave tour horrible upper level seats and last time I was not on the floor… I KNEW I saw Twisted Sister
30th – Raven/Keel @ The Lyric. Ok…can anyone tell me where this place is? I don’t think anyone in San Diego remembers the place. Great show. Raven when they were at their best. They did a record signing at Off The Record that day and I got my album signed. Still have it somewhere…
6th – DRI @ Wabash Hall
14th – Queensryche/Keel @ California Theatre
25th – Megadeth/Exciter/Hirax @ Palisades rollerink. Pretty awesome place to see these bands this early in their careers.
25th – Motley Crue/Loudness @ SA. First time I had floor seats I think.
6th – DIO @ SA. Rough Cutt opened I think
31 – Ratt/Bon Jovi @ SA. No ticket and no remembrance of going.

1st – Slayer/DRI/Rigormortis/Legion/Bloodcum @ Adams Ave Theater. Absolutely incredible show. Slayer on their Live Undead tour. The DRI singer got arrested for drinking at the car wash across the street so crowd members would jump onstage and do the singing for them. And Slayer! The mic’s were not set up right so Tom kept getting shocked. So he gave his Bass to Jeff. This is the only time I know of they did not play as dual guitar band. And I have heard the soundboard recording from this show and it doesn’t matter. They sounded just as good. The crowd was jumping off the balconies and at one point one guy jumped onto and through the stage! I remember Tom looking down into the hole singing while the guy was crawling out of it. What a fun show…
3rd – Rush @ SA (No ticket and might not have gone to this show but I did see Rush once)
10th – Kiss/WASP @ SA. (Backstage pass story???)
21st – Megadeth @ Adams Ave Theatre. I think I went to this. Can’t imagine why I wouldn’t have…
1st – Death Angel @ Adams Ave. Date from a bootleg list. This should be the DA/Possessed show
27th – Marillion @ California Theatre
10th – Judas Priest @ SA. Defending the Faith tour I think
10th – OZZY/Metallica @ SA. So my mom did a lot of work for KPBS and every year they had auctions to raise money. Early in 1986 I had bought at the auction 2 front row seats to the show of my choice. I had a letter certifying this. Being smart enough I made a copy of the letter before I went to school. I showed everyone there that I was going to use it for the OZZY/Metallica show which I actually cared more about Metallica. At this time not many had heard of them but it was a huge show for me. The letter got stolen or something. Can’t really remember. In any case, this ticket scalper who hung out with me at the pizza place down the street ended up with the letter and tried to use it. When I went to the SA to get the tickets I had to prove that my letter was the real one.
In the meantime, my friends and I had a scheme to get great tickets to shows for “free”. The basic idea was to buy a bunch of tickets when they went on sale and sell it for enough profit to buy tickets from scalpers. So the net cost would be around nothing. Of course its a lot of work but I had my front row seats and I was selling 10th row and some a little further back. Somehow my 10th row got stolen at school so I told either the school or the police. Cannot remember. But the night of the show the security guards were waiting for someone to sit in the seats. The first person there was a friend who was using these seats as they were the next best seats we had. The security guards grabbed him but we explained it and he was ok. Next was someone from school. NABBED! He got thrown out. But, trying to remember how it went down, I don’t think he stole them. I think someone else did and sold them to him. In any case, I was pissed at him as he knew they were mine. I still don’t know how he could have been so stupid as to think he would not be caught. If anything he should have just used the tickets to get in but never gone to the seats.
The show? Metallica kicked ass. Got all the people who never knew them to like them and then became mega huge on their next album.
15th – Celtic Frost/Voi Vod @ Jackie Robinson YMCA. (Date not confirmed as I got it from one bootleg website. CF is bootlegged!) Great show. Rather scary show. VHS according to one site…!!!! http://www.moonfrost.net/wolfheart/music.htm
25th – DIO/Accept @ SA
12th – AC/DC/Queensryche @ SA
29th – Loudness/Poison @ California Theatre
10th – Dokken/Great White @ Golden Hall. No ticket and not sure if I went.
22nd – Queensryche/Saxon @ Golden Hall
7th – Slayer/Overkill/Metal Church/Heretic/Blast @ Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. OMG what a great show. I was scared to death at that place. One of the most violent shows I have seen. But it is just the first show of the greatest music weekend of my life. Read previous post.
8th – Metal Church/(Metallica secret show)/Heretic @ The Country Club in Reseda. First show with their new bass player. Read previous post.
9th – Metal Church/(Metallica secret show)/Heretic @ Jezebel’s in Anaheim. Second show with their new bass player. Read previous post.
4th – Megadeth/Prowler @ La Paloma Theatre. UPS guy, Rusnack et all…No drug taking liar Dave!
13th – Yngwie Malmsteen @ California Theatre

16th – Bon Jovi /Cinderalla @ SA
28th – Triumph @ SA
1st – Alice Cooper/Megadeth @ SA
14th – Iron Maiden/Vinnie Vincent Invasion @ Orange Pavilion San Bernadino
16th – Iron Maiden/Vinnie Vincent Invasion @ Long Beach Arena
17th – Iron Maiden/Vinnie Vincent Invasion @ Long Beach Arena
18th – Iron Maiden/Vinnie Vincent Invasion @ Long Beach Arena
24th – Iron Maiden/Vinnie Vincent Invasion @ SA. Front row dead center and I got a drumstick!
27th – George Carlin @ Symphony Hall
2nd – Iron Maiden @ Irvine Meadows
6th – Billy Idol/The Cult @ SA. I am fairly certain I did not go to this show but that I was down at the SA anyway. I remember this because I think this is the show I ran into Billy Squire in the parking lot heading towards the back door of the place….
9th – Joe Walsh @ OAT. Great Story…Joe Walsh came to town and was sort of a guest DJ at some radio station. I was listening to it and they started talking that he should play a show while he is in town. He agreed so they called up someone and set up a show at OAT and put the tickets on sale right now. I drove quickly to Mad Jacks and told the Ticketmaster guy the story and he looked it up and sure enough it was true. I got two front row dead center seats. The Ticketmaster guy sat next to me and my sister and some friends sat around me. What a fun night.
5th – Slayer/Dark Angel @ Hollywood Palladium. Awesome show…read previous post for details
13th – Megadeth @ ???? Not sure….my shirt from the show has this date on it. Maybe this is Anthrax/Megadeth?
3rd – Anthrax/Metal Church @ Santa Monica Civic
5th – Anthrax/Metal Church @ Old World Beer Gardens in Corona. Incredibly fun show
12th – Megadeth @ Santa Monica Civic
17th – DRI/Adrenalin OD @ Wasbash Hall
1st – Dio and Guests @ Irvine Meadows. I think this was with Yngwie and Lita Ford. It was a benefit for Children of the Night.
7th – King Diamond/Trouble – Variety Arts Theatre downtown LA. Scary show…KD did an actual black mass on stage. A little table with candles and cleaning the air and all of that. But he did not really do it as part of the show but with his back to the crowd. I was front row and could see what he was doing but I don’t recall him drawing attention to it. Trouble shot a video that night that I have still never seen.
4th – The Cult/Guns and Roses @ OAT
5th – The Cult/Guns and Roses @ Long Beach Arena. I believe this is the only show I have seen where there was a TRUE encore. The lights were on and they came back out and played LA Woman.
23rd – Roger Waters @ SA
2nd – Motley Crue/Whitesnake @ SA
21st – Exodus and Celtic Frost @ Fenders Ballroom. I have stories about this show but I’ll save that for later.
22nd – Megadeth @ Jezebels in Anaheim. Fairly certain this was the Anarchy in the UK video shoot.
????: Nuclear Assault(?) and Piranha. Sometime in 1987…Ticket says Charged GBH at Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach but I am pretty sure that was the ticket they gave us for the NA show. James Hettfield story…

1st – Aerosmith/Dokken @ SA
8th – Guns and Roses/T.S.O.L. @ Montezuma Hall. Ticket autographed by Steve Adler.
24th – Alice Cooper/Motorhead/Faster Pussycat @ SA
27th – Exodus @ Perkins Palace in Pasadena. I have a great story about this show….We took them out to dinner! I will someday go into the details of how this happened…
7th – Dio/Megadeth @ SA
12th – Rodney Dangerfield @ Civic Theatre
1st – KISS/Anthrax @ SA
12th – Whitesnake/Great White @ SA
15th – Pink Floyd @ LA Coliseum
25th – Joe Satriani @ Roxy Theatre in Hollywood
28th – Yngwie Malmsteen @ Irvine Meadows.
5th – Fates Warning/Psychotic Waltz @ Rio’s
10th – Iron Maiden/LA. Guns @ SA. Guns and Roses cancelled so LA Guns came instead
11th – Joe Satriani @ California Theatre
25th – Nuclear Assault @ L’Amour’s in Brooklyn. Just getting to the place scared me. Incredible show. Only time I ever saw true skanking. These guys knew how to mosh/slamm the best way. The West coast version was just a viscous circle that in later years would turn into big fighting rings. But this show was just people dancing wildly.
27th – Jethro Tull @ The Pier in Manhattan New York.
2nd – Megadeth @ Santa Monica Civic
22nd – Sam Kinison @ OAT
23rd- Dickies/Metal MC @ The Scream in Los Angeles
24th – Monsters of Rock (Van Halen/Scorpions/Dokken/Metallica/Kingdom Come) @ LA Coliseum
and D.R.I/Kreator/Holy Terror @ Carpenters Hall in San Diego. RIOT!!! Whew…the story is this….I had front row dead center seats for the Monsters of Rock show. This was Metallica’s first “real” appearance in SoCal since the OZZY tour in June of 1986. When Cliff died they got a new bass player and finished the rest of the world tour and then came back to US and did an east coast headliner swing. But they never made it back to the west coast. So except for the 3 secret shows they performed between the death and this show most people in SoCal had never seen Metallica. In the interim they had grown into a HUGE band so the fans here were practically rabid. No sooner did the intro music start than a lot of the crowd pushed forward and jumped the walls of the Coliseum. I turned around and saw the fences coming down and the crowd being pushed forward. I grabbed Hans and pulled him to the wall in front of the stage. The security guards started yelling at us but we held on waiting for the crowd to reach us. Eventually they did and it was mayhem. They destroyed maybe the first 50 feet worth of seating. (Geoff would know more as he was in the middle of this.)  Hans and I just held on and watched the show. When it was over we had no where to sit and we still had 3 major bands to see.
So we decided to just leave. While I would love to have seen the Scorpions and to see how the show turned out now that it was destroyed we decided to give up and drive back to San Diego to see Kreator. Because the festival started during the day we had plenty of time. It turns out this was the only time I ever got to see Kreator so I am really glad I left the show.
12th – Slayer/Masi/Danzig @ Hollywood Palladium. RIOT!!!! Read my previous post for details…. 3rd Danzig show ever.
13th – Slayer/Masi @ De Anza Theater in Riverside
14th or 15th Aerosmith/Guns and Roses @ Pacific Ampitheatre in Costa Mesa. I am not sure which show I went to. GnR came out on stage on the 15th as it was the last shows of Aerosmiths tour. I do not remember that happening so maybe I saw the 14th. But then again I do not remember anything at all about this show…
12th – Judas Priest/Slayer @ SA. Front row….nice. Left after Slayer played….Backstage story with the note and hiding in shadows….details later with a nice photo.
15th – Judas Priest/Slayer @ Irvine Meadows. Again I left after Slayer
28th – Cramps @ California Theatre -(Might be the chair story but I am not sure…)
4th – Nuclear Assault @ De Anza Theatre in Riverside
12th – The Dickies @ Backdoor at SDSU. Killer Clowns!!!!
5th – Metallica/Queensryche @ SA Filmed the video for ONE the next day. I got the song sheet from the first secret show signed.
17th – Sam Kinision @ Golden Hall
28th – OZZY/Anthrax @ SA (Not sure about Anthrax….)
31st (New Years Eve) – Jane’s Addiction/Nymphs @ the Embassy Theatre downtown LA. WOW!!!! Look at the list above you and think about what I had previously seen and was now watching. This totally changed me and if not for the other even more incredible shows I fortunately got to see this would be the stand out Jane’s show. They did it all including Chip Away, the song on the ice chest. Perry had a cast on his leg so he couldn’t move much but he still got around. I think this was the girls in diapers show also…

2nd – Danzig @ Rio’s. Wow…first Jane’s Addiction blows my mind to start the year and now Danzig before people cared. Pretty good start to the year. If you know Rio’s you know how small this place is so imagine Danzig there.
16th – R.E.M. @ SA
9th – Anthrax/Helloween/Exodus @ Long Beach Arena. Headbangers Ball tour
20th – Jane’s Addiction/??? @ John Anson Ford theater
25th – Jane’s Addiction/Caterwaul(I think) @ John Anson Ford theater
29th – Jane’s Addiction/Nymphs @ John Anson Ford theater 7 shows and I went to three of them. If I lived in LA I would have been at all 7. Some of my happiest moments were here. We were in the front of the line at this wonderful outdoor venue in the Hollywood Hills. While we waited in line Steve came out and played bongoes/timpanies(?) for us. They had a carnival up the hill with booths and prizes and what not. The show was beautiful. Jane’s at their fun best. I remember girls coming out on stage with trays full of stuff they threw out at the crowed. Balloons, tortilla’s(!) and other things. Great fun time…
1st – Jane’s Addiction/Wonder Stuff @ Montezuma Hall SDSU. The show where Hans wanted me to drive a friend of his to LA to score some dope. I said no way as I was paranoid about that type of thing. And somehow I did not recognize his friend was the Jane’s Addiction bass player Eric. I knew Hans knew them but I just did not recognize him. Oh well…
2nd – Jane’s Addiction/Wonder Stuff @ Montezuma Hall SDSU. I don’t remember a second show but their website said it happened and it even had a review fromt he SD Tribune. There is no way I would have missed it so I assume I went.
5th – Jane’s Addiction @ Iguana’s. Sneak Preview show of this new club. I remember the spackle was still wet and got all over me. Probably the single greatest live venue I ever saw shows in. Strangely I remember nothing at all about JA’s performance that night.
14th – Danzig @ SOMA
23rd – The Ramones @ Iguana’s. Second show at Iguana’s if I remember correctly. I think Ramones played the Bacchanal the next night but I didn’t turn 21 for another 6 days. So thankfully they opened the all ages Iguana’s the week before and I was able to see them.
19th – Love and Rockets @ OAT
3rd – GWAR @ Iguana’s
12th – The Cure @ SA. Disintegration tour. Amazing show. I felt so out of place with really long hair at the show but it was just beautiful.
21st – Metallica/Faith No More @ Irvine Meadows. End of the And Justice For All tour…
23rd – Metallica/Faith No More @ Irvine Meadows. End of the And Justice For All tour…
21st – Rolling Stones/Guns and Roses @ LA Coliseum. Grrr…I have the ticket right now but missed the show because I had lost the ticket at the time. I blame Brian G as we were cleaning my room and he put it somewhere and forgot where.
11th – Raging Slab @ Iguana’s
7th – Soundgarden @ Iguana’s
16th – Testament @ Santa Monica Civic. I am pretty sure this is the show I drove Ted to where he got to interview the band so we went back to their hotel down the street. He went to one room to interview the singer and I stayed in another watching a Woody Allen film with the band and Silver Fox( or Sable) from GLOW.
29th – The Cult/Bonham @ SA
31st – B52’s/Red Hot Chili Peppers @ SA. Fairly certain Psychotic Waltz played Rio’s that night. That should be the night that Tammy maced some chick in the audience. I dated her one time a couple of years later and she told me she got maced and was looking for the girl who did it. That was the last date as there was no way I could bring her around anymore…

16th – Voivod/Soundgarden @ Iguana’s
18th – Voivod/Soundgarden @ Jezebel’s in Anaheim.
3rd – The The (with Johnny Mar) @ California Theatre.
???? – Jane’s Addiction @ Mount Baldy. Video shoot for the song STOP from their up coming album. I got wind of this show prior to the tickets going on sale so just about everyone I know went to this. I would be surprised if anyone of them does not have this show in their in their top 5. What an incredible day. We drove to a parking lot in Ontario (east of Los Angeles) and they packed us into buses and drove into the mountains north of LA County. The show was on a stage built at a swimming pool at a lodge up in the mountains. A great Mexican ska band opened up and then Jane’s Addiction played. They did a full set and not just the song for the video. So we got to drink and lounge by the pool and watch JA during the day. Could anything be better?
4th – Ramones/Blondie/Tom Tom Club @ OAT. I am fairly certain Hans forced me to leave after Ramones. I am not even sure I saw Tom Tom Club and I know I did not see Blondie. He really pissed me off that night…
30th – GWAR @ Iguana’s
31st Halloween – Jane’s Addiction @ Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. I told you I saw some great secret shows. I found out about this show the week before. So me and my friends spent the night in line (at the front of it!) but they fucked us over and gave out numbers in line. So only Hans and Tammy got tickets. I drove up there with them anyway hoping to score tickets from a scalper or something. Even luckier I ran into someone from SD that published a monthly fanzine and he got me on for face value. This was the unoffical opening night for the Ritual tour. Its really hard to describe the top JA shows as they were so special. The thing I remeber about this one was Perry talking about how good it feels to have a dick in your mouth. Not sure why he was talking about this but in his poetic way he had the crowed mesmerized.
4th – Sonic Youth/Mudhoney @ Iguana’s. Goo tour…
10th – Cocteau Twins @ Speckles Theatre. In their prime…
19th – Jane’s Addiction/Pixies @ Hollywood Palladium. They did 3 shows in a row. I thought I went to two of them but I can only find one ticket stub. I know for sure I missed the show where Perry got hit by the Birkenstock…

6th – Jane’s Addiction/Screaming Trees @ Golden Hall
18th – Red Hot Chili Peppers/Beastie Boys/Mary’s Danish/Thelonius Monster @ Hollywood Palladium. Fund raiser for a member of Mary’s Danish. Almost every one I meet is so full of shit in regards to Beastie Boys. Paul’s Boutique was a complete bomb and the band was nothing more than has beens in 1990 and 1991. No one cared at all. At least if any one cared they kept it a secret. They killed that night. The crowed was so into them it was insane. I was really surprised as I thought I was the only one who liked PB when it was released. Upon reflection it was just a totally underground success during 1990 and 1991. Slowly, around 1992 and especially when the follow up came out and they got a whole new crowd, was the album actually ever talked about. And of course now it is rightfully considered a classic. Except for a show played to record a video for the album this is the only actual show they ever played for the album due to its commercial failure. http://www.beastiemania.com/gigog/index.php?t=&c=&e=100&p=6 In any case, this whole show was MC’ed by Tom Arnold and Rosanne Barr. I still have the shirt from the show and it shows all the members of each band and Tom and Rosanne. I don’t even remember RHCP but I do remember the powerhouse show BB’s put on…
20th – Lollapalooza (Jane’s Addiction/Siouxsie/NIN/Butthole Surfers and others)  @ Southwestern College
26th – Supersuckers @ Casbah (old)
24th – Nirvana/Hole/Sister Double Happiness @ Iguana’s. The tour where they met, fell in love and then …well you know the rest. They also played a 30 minute set at Off The Record that afternoon. I missed that show. But did see them packing up and leaving. No idea why I was late…
28th – Red Hot Chili Peppers/Nirvana/Pearl Jam @ O’Brien Pavilion, Del Mar Fairgrounds

7th – Public Image Limited @ Iguana’s. Video shoot.
8th – Infectious Grooves @ Iguana’s. Don’t remember it being the day after PIL. I also seem to recall No Mercy opened but I can’t prove it.
24th – Soundgarden @ Iguana’s
10th – Slayer @ Iguana’s

13th: Buck O’Nine @ Soma#2 CD release party I think
7th – Einstürzende Neubauten/Miranda Sex Garden @ The Palace in Hollywood
22nd – Fluid/Supernova @ Dream Street
26th – Diamanda Galas @ Mandeville Auditorium. Such an incredible singer…
19th – Front 242 @ Iguana’s
27th – My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult @ Worldbeat Center. One of my favorite bands and one hell of a boring live show. Sad.
29th – Nirvana @ SA

31st – The Residents @ The Fillmore in San Francisco- Halloween night midnight. Discussed in a previous post…

23rd – The Residents @ House of Blues Los Angeles. Wormwood tour.

21st – Einstrezende Neubauten @ The Palace in Hollywood
3rd – Front 242 @ Canes

23rd – Ogre @ Canes. Sad…

28th – Skinny Puppy @ House of Blues in Anaheim

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The first of my favorite things

Now that I have an easier means to post things I will start adding posts about things that I like. I can never remember all the things I like so with a little history to go back and read maybe I will. I’ll start with:

Shakespeare in Love. I love this movie. Just rewatched it on some channel. This has some of the best writing I can imagine though of course the general story is from the man himself. I prefer this to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead but not by much. R&G is just a tad slow for repeated viewings. In any case, SIL is one of my favorite movies.

Some general things to start off my Favorite things:


Best albums (albums that I think are perfect):
Slayer – Reign in Blood. Cannot be surpassed. Probably the single greatest album ever made.
No Means No – Wrong. Just slightly behind RiB and, honestly, depending on mood I would probably listen to this over the Slayer.
Skinny Puppy – Ain’t It Dead Yet? Live album from the Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate tours or there about. I think this album (along with Janes Addiction’s Nothing Shocking) is the main reason I began to hate heavy metal. But the AIDY video is what made me embarrassed I actually ever liked heavy metal as much as I did.
Fantamos – The Director’s Chair.
Venetian Snares – Rossz Csillag Allat Szletett. Wow! The classical music mixed into this album is a great listen in itself. Reminds of the soundtrack to Blue. But when the breakbeats start…hard to explain the insanity. And the mixing of the two disparate genres is unmatched. And what’s even more amazing is that even though I think this album is perfect and I have listened to it hundreds of times it actually does not even contain my favorite Snares tracks.
Alec Empire vs Merzbow – Live at CBGS’s. Not sure why I like this so much. At times it is pure noise and other times just a droning slow beat. But it works and is the album I have had in my car the longest time. Coming up on two solid years of listening to this album.

Metallica: Nov 8th and 9th 1986. Absolutely hate this band now pretty much since 1988. But even in this hatred of them I have to admit that the best concert moments in my life was that weekend. At the end of September Cliff Burton, Metallica’s bass player, died in a tour bus accident. On Fri Nov 5th I was in Los Angeles seeing Slayer at the beginning of the Reign in Blood tour. While this show in and of itself would be a great show and a great weekend I overheard two people in front of me talking about Metallica playing the next day. Amazing news since the tragedy of 6 weeks earlier. So me and a friend drove up to the club in Reseda the next afternoon to see if it was true. Not only was it true but one of the opening bands sold us tickets to the show AND told us that Metallica was doing yet another secret show the following day in Anaheim. So I called up everyone I knew and had them go to Ticketmaster and get tickets. So at Midnight on Sunday of that weekend I had seen Slayer, and two Metallica secret shows with their new bass player. While the Sunday show was great I liked the Saturday show a bit better.
Slayer – June 5th 1987. Ok In Nov 1986 I saw what I think was the second show of the Reign in Blood tour. On this night in June I saw the last show of the tour. If not for the weekend described above this would be the greatest concert I ever saw. OMFG was this show intense. If I remember correctly they played almost every song they ever recorded. I think the show was close to 1hr 45m long which is amazing since RiB itself is only 28 minutes and is their third album. So they played all of RiB, all of the Haunting the Chapel ep, and I think all of Hell Awaits. As for Show No Mercy I think they did not play 2 or 3 songs. If you have not seen a pit and especially the mid 80’s pits which are different from todays style then it is hard to explain the sheer intensity of this show.
(Other Great Shows)
The Residents – Halloween 1997 (I think). Drove up to San Francisco to see them as they had only previously toured a couple of times in 20 years. So at this point any show whatsoever from them was special. They did a weeks worth of shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco and I went to the midnight show on Halloween. This was later released on CD. A great show from one of my favorite bands.
Slayer – August 1988 Los Angeles (Again…lol) I don’t even like this bands music any more. But relistening to the first few CD’s brings back the memories of all that was great about them. This show was the first (?) show of the South of Heaven tour. While the performance was great it does not come close to the RiB finale. So why is this here? OMG The riot! The way I tell this story me and my friends, about 6 of us at least, drove up to LA for the show like we always did back then. In separate cars… We met at the show and had dinner. It was a fairly sunny day and the anticipation was high for the show. We waited in line and got in and saw two (or three?) great performances. I seem to recall hearing rumblings of trouble when I went to the bathroom or went to buy shirts. Anyway, the show ended and we were not only exhausted but totally drenched with sweat. We walk outside into HELL! A nice sunny day turned into hell as a thunderstorm had rolled in. Off in the distance there was thunder and lightning. But more amazing was the police in riot gear and the helicopters. Sunset Blvd was closed off and we were being rushed to the cars and told to leave. We have no idea what the hell is going on and had no intention of leaving. We were to tired to want to start driving to San Diego already and just wanted to relax for awhile and discuss the show since we had been seperated. Apparantly what happened was the promoter over sold the show so not everyone got in. If you can imagine a few hundred rabid and probably drunk/drugged Slayer fans outside a venue where the band is playing(!) and having a legitimate ticket and being told you can’t come in!!!! Well they rioted. Started destroying store fronts along Sunset and other mischief. The worst I remember seeing was a girl being carted away on a stretcher. She was hurt by glass from the doors in front of the Palladium. To this day I was under the impression she was thrown through the window but I doubt that now. Needless to say she was hurt. It was on the news that night and I showed it to my parents to show them what it is I do in LA….they were not pleased and to this day I doubt they understand why a person would riot. I understand it perfectly especially if the people rioting had seen the RiB show 13 months earlier. They knew what they were missing…

(More stories to follow)

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Latest beta update

Here is the latest news for me on the new MMO’s coming out. Not that I got any encouragement to keep you up to date but I am bored as all three beta servers are offline right now. 

I did get into all three closed beta’s I mentioned previously: Tabula Rasa, Pirates of the Burning Sea and Rome: Heroes and Gods. Of course I am under NDA so I can’t really go into detail but since almost everything I have to talk about is already in the press I can say some things. 

I think if parts of all three beta’s were combined they might have a game to release. Of the three, Tabula Rasa was the one I wanted to play the most and it is currently the one I do not play at all. This beta is very close to Auto Assault or Matrix Online where the early level quests do not work. So advancement in even the first or second day gets stalled or extremely hard. And that is unfortunate. I am currently just frustrated and have chosen to play the other beta’s for a while until they fix the issues stopping me. Eventually I do plan on playing this as I really like the designers and the things they are doing in the design. 

Rome is the most WoW like of the three as it is the only one that is fantasy based. I haven’t gotten far enough in the game to really know what it is like. There is a highly complex talent tree which is nice. And you get to choose a God to worship that gives you more powers. What there is to do with all of this I am not sure. But it seems to give the game a whole ton of different characters paths. A lot more than WoW. But whether there is a true difference I do not yet know. 

Pirates…wow, nice design. Terrible execution. This probably breaks the NDA but they have an absolutely horrible physics model for the characters. The ship combat however is fantastic. The game is very complex. The entire game is player economy based. As far as I can tell there is nothing much to buy in the game from the game itself. It has to be created by players and sold to other players. But right now there is no players selling things in the towns near me as not enough players are in the beta.  

You need new ships later on and you have to buy them from players. From what I understand to build a ship requires 4 characters to build all the materials necessary. So doing that will not be easy. I have played two other MMO’s that tried to do a player based economy and they both pretty much failed. But it actually is my favorite style of MMO and the thing I hate the most about WoW (other than not seeing the end game content). I hope they get enough players to get the economy going. 

End game: Can’t comment on the end games for these beta’s as I am still way to low level to even need to group with players for any instance/fight. Obviously, even if they do not go with the raid style end game WoW chose, they have to do something. And that is where the success truly lies. Will there be something to do when you play for a long time? Hopefully I can get to see some of this before the games are released. But none of the games are playable 7 days a week yet. So finding time is hard. 

Why post this info here? Because I like WoW for the most part and miss playing it. And inevitably I have to compare the games to WoW. WoW is a pretty bad game when I think about it but it is still the best made game. Even from the beginning, and I started with the WoW beta 7 months before release, it had more things done right than anything I have seen of these games. What confuses me is that I am playing three beta’s made by three different companies and not one of them has done the things that I feel WoW did right. All three are correcting things WoW did wrong but they did this at the expense of getting the other things right. And I am not talking about flat out stealing the WoW interface look and feel like Warhammer Online did. (That is one beta I care nothing about as no matter how much the game mechanics the look of the things I interface with as a player is exactly like WoW.)  

What I am talking about is twofold. The first thing WoW did right IMO was that from the beginning they chose to make every object in the game something that can be referenced. Basically this means that linking an item in the chat window and having other players be able to click on it to see what it is has to be put in from the beginning. It has to be a philosophy of the designers that everything is addressable by players in some way or another.  

The second thing WoW did right was that they are very good at leading a player into the game. While it is possible the games I am playing now might fix this before release as far as I am concerned the fact that they have not yet done this is pretty amazing. A caveat though….I might have skipped some of the instruction as there is no compelling reason to read most of the things they tell you. But, never-the-less, I have not had an easy time getting to know what there is to do or why things do not work a particular way.  

Let me explain this last point. In one beta, when you level up you earn two talent points. The game leads you to a trainer and you get to spend them for the first time. On your next level you earn two more. The talent screen shows you with two points to spend and gives you the exact same menu for you to spend them (+ signs next to the talents) but it doesn’t work. It wasn’t until I stumbled across another trainer later on that I was able to spend the points though the trainer does nothing in particular. There was no explanation the first time I went there that I had to go back every time. If you think about WoW you can spend talent points at any time you have them. You have to go to the trainers to buy skills though. But you do not need to go back to town to the trainer just to spend the point you earned. Maybe, the way WoW works is what has confused me as to how the other game works but they need to fix this before release as I am surely not going to be the only from WoW playing this game. 

Well that’s enough for now…

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So it begins

Hopefully I can get this blog up and running. Why post complex messages on other sites when I can do it here?

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