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There are a bunch of shows I cannot place in the timeline I previously posted. Not to mention that I don’t include the tons of small club type shows I saw. I saw Aslan/Psychotic Waltz dozens of times as I ended up working for them. I saw Assassin and Bible Black and other local metal bands numerous times. So in between the big shows I listed there was many, many smaller shows.

But this post will try to list all the shows I saw from bands people have heard of. Hopefully I can get the dates filled in and placed into the timeline:

Coroner @ Iguana’s
Slayer @ Iguana’s
GWAR @ Iguana’s twice 3/15/91 is one show
Red Kross @ Iguana’s
Public Enemy @ some nightclub in TJ
Exploited @ Carpenters Hall
GBH @ Carpenters Hall
DRI @ Wabash Hall
Meat Beat Manifesto/Consolidated @ SOMA
Sonic Youth @ Iguana’s
Joe Satriani/Steve Vai @ Disneyland hotel as part of the NAMM show.
Miranda Sex Garden @ Troubador in Hollywood
Anthrax @ Troubador in Hollywood
Negativland @ Belly Up Tavern recorded and released onto a bootleg CD
Mary’s Danish @ Belly Up
Mary’s Danish @ UCSD
Firehose/Minutemen(?) @ UCSD
TAD/Helmet @ Bodies
Melvins @ SOMA
Melvins @ Dream Street
Melvins @ Casbah
Nymphs/Dragons @ (old) Casbah – really early Dragons show but I went for the Nymphs at the time
KMFDM @ Iguana’s
AC/DC @ SA Who Made Who tour (Queensryche?)
Exodus @ a roller rink in Oxnard
Exodus @ an unknown bar in Anaheim the next day
Death Angel/Possessed @ Adams Ave Theatre
Cramps @ California Theatre either 1987 or 1989. As listed in previous post, one of these Cramps shows is the “chair” story. I don’t remember which show though…
Aerosmith/Guns and Roses @ Pacific Ampitheater in Orange County
Iron Maiden/Motorhead/Dio @ SA 200?
King Diamond/Flotsam and Jetsam @ Celebrity Theatre in Anaheim
Pixies @ UCSD 200?
Living Color opened for Jane’s (or Primus?) at UCSD? Something like that…
Overkill @ Fenders Ballroom one week after one of the other Santa Monica civic shows. My “Almost Famous” story….
Dickies @ Bacchanal
Love and Rockets @ OAT
Ratt/Fastway/Mama’s Boys @ OAT circa 1984
Skinny Puppy @ Hollywood Paladium
The Residents @ Belly Up Tavern
Supersuckers @ (old) Casbah (twice I think)
Foetus @ Troubador
Racer X @ The Whisky
Bauhaus @ Hollywood Palladium
Bauhaus @ Golden Hall
Megadeth @ Country Club in Reseda for the Decline of Western Civilization movie shoot
Pat Benetar @ SA
Celtic Frost/Voivod @ Jackie Robison YMCA
Living Color/Social Distortion/Cop Shot Cop/more? 91x fest thing @ SA

Tool @ Winters – way early, pre Opiate EP and I have a song sheet from the show
Pigface @ El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles
Pigface/Phylr/Not Breathing(?) @ El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles
Negativland @ El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles
Diamanda Galas @ UCLA theatre. With John Paul Jones I think
Faster Pussycat @ Stratus in Lemon Grove
Rush @SA

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  1. WjB says:

    there “are” shows…not “is”…other than that…believe louie daryl and i worked at that bauhaus show…maybe.

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