More on the last Lost…(pun intended)

In reply to this thread I wrote:

I still think the FS has no meaning as I explain in my blog post: . Rather it is the epilogue to the series since the producers need to keep dramatic interest until the last minutes of the last episode and will have no time to show what happens to the characters. So the FS will serve as that purpose.

Having Sayid’s episode first and showing how the fight in the restaurant occurred and that he rescues Jin caused the Jin episode to be dramatically void. However, the Sayid episode could be thought of as a foreshadowing of what would occur in this episode. Much like how I believe the FS is a “foreshadowing” of how the epilogue to Lost will be. I think the creators were using this device in the Sayid/Jin story as a device to get people comfortable with the next shift when the FS becomes the new reality.

Will they explain how everything works? I doubt they will. They will cause Jacob/MIB to not exist and I think the plot will be satisfactory in that we see how we got to that point and then we know from the FS how everything turns out. But because Jacob/MIB won’t exist in the new timeline they won’t have to explain what might have happened. What bad thing MIB would have done… How would he have done it…. All these questions will be pointless when they don’t exist. Is this going to piss us off? I am not sure. Sure we would want to know what was going to happen. But much like any other fictional story where the bad person is bad because he is going to do something, we never see what they MIGHT because the hero always stops them before it happens. We are satisfied with the story and how it got to the conclusion and the climax that causes the badness to go away without having occurred. Moreover, I think had they tried to explain it any further some would like it and some would not. So if they can end it without having to get to the point where they need to show it then they can leave the mechanics of what would have occurred and how to our imaginations.

As for what triggers the FS to become the new reality I am not 100% sure.The story will culminate with someone (last candidate?) making a choice and causing some event back in time to cause the Jacob/MIB events to not occur. This changes all of the future from that trigger event forward. And it causes no contradictions in as much as the current reality will have occurred. (What happened, happened). This will be just like Back to the Future where MJF DOES exist and do things in 1985 but goes back in time and causes things to change from 1955 onward thus causing him to NOT exist. In Lost, the stuff we have already seen did and does occur, someone goes back in time or causes an event back in time that causes Jacob/MIB to not do their thing (or some other such plot device) and this causes the entire time shift to occur. And this implies there is no inherent meaning between the two timelines. They are not running in parallel nor are they linked in any way. The FS is just the changed timeline from the trigger event onward. And the trigger is NOT Jughead. The bomb did not destroy the island. BTW My prediction is the series will end with them boarding the plane in Australia and Jack lying back in his seat and the show ends on his eye closing.

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