The first of my favorite things

Now that I have an easier means to post things I will start adding posts about things that I like. I can never remember all the things I like so with a little history to go back and read maybe I will. I’ll start with:

Shakespeare in Love. I love this movie. Just rewatched it on some channel. This has some of the best writing I can imagine though of course the general story is from the man himself. I prefer this to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead but not by much. R&G is just a tad slow for repeated viewings. In any case, SIL is one of my favorite movies.

Some general things to start off my Favorite things:


Best albums (albums that I think are perfect):
Slayer – Reign in Blood. Cannot be surpassed. Probably the single greatest album ever made.
No Means No – Wrong. Just slightly behind RiB and, honestly, depending on mood I would probably listen to this over the Slayer.
Skinny Puppy – Ain’t It Dead Yet? Live album from the Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate tours or there about. I think this album (along with Janes Addiction’s Nothing Shocking) is the main reason I began to hate heavy metal. But the AIDY video is what made me embarrassed I actually ever liked heavy metal as much as I did.
Fantamos – The Director’s Chair.
Venetian Snares – Rossz Csillag Allat Szletett. Wow! The classical music mixed into this album is a great listen in itself. Reminds of the soundtrack to Blue. But when the breakbeats start…hard to explain the insanity. And the mixing of the two disparate genres is unmatched. And what’s even more amazing is that even though I think this album is perfect and I have listened to it hundreds of times it actually does not even contain my favorite Snares tracks.
Alec Empire vs Merzbow – Live at CBGS’s. Not sure why I like this so much. At times it is pure noise and other times just a droning slow beat. But it works and is the album I have had in my car the longest time. Coming up on two solid years of listening to this album.

Metallica: Nov 8th and 9th 1986. Absolutely hate this band now pretty much since 1988. But even in this hatred of them I have to admit that the best concert moments in my life was that weekend. At the end of September Cliff Burton, Metallica’s bass player, died in a tour bus accident. On Fri Nov 5th I was in Los Angeles seeing Slayer at the beginning of the Reign in Blood tour. While this show in and of itself would be a great show and a great weekend I overheard two people in front of me talking about Metallica playing the next day. Amazing news since the tragedy of 6 weeks earlier. So me and a friend drove up to the club in Reseda the next afternoon to see if it was true. Not only was it true but one of the opening bands sold us tickets to the show AND told us that Metallica was doing yet another secret show the following day in Anaheim. So I called up everyone I knew and had them go to Ticketmaster and get tickets. So at Midnight on Sunday of that weekend I had seen Slayer, and two Metallica secret shows with their new bass player. While the Sunday show was great I liked the Saturday show a bit better.
Slayer – June 5th 1987. Ok In Nov 1986 I saw what I think was the second show of the Reign in Blood tour. On this night in June I saw the last show of the tour. If not for the weekend described above this would be the greatest concert I ever saw. OMFG was this show intense. If I remember correctly they played almost every song they ever recorded. I think the show was close to 1hr 45m long which is amazing since RiB itself is only 28 minutes and is their third album. So they played all of RiB, all of the Haunting the Chapel ep, and I think all of Hell Awaits. As for Show No Mercy I think they did not play 2 or 3 songs. If you have not seen a pit and especially the mid 80’s pits which are different from todays style then it is hard to explain the sheer intensity of this show.
(Other Great Shows)
The Residents – Halloween 1997 (I think). Drove up to San Francisco to see them as they had only previously toured a couple of times in 20 years. So at this point any show whatsoever from them was special. They did a weeks worth of shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco and I went to the midnight show on Halloween. This was later released on CD. A great show from one of my favorite bands.
Slayer – August 1988 Los Angeles (Again…lol) I don’t even like this bands music any more. But relistening to the first few CD’s brings back the memories of all that was great about them. This show was the first (?) show of the South of Heaven tour. While the performance was great it does not come close to the RiB finale. So why is this here? OMG The riot! The way I tell this story me and my friends, about 6 of us at least, drove up to LA for the show like we always did back then. In separate cars… We met at the show and had dinner. It was a fairly sunny day and the anticipation was high for the show. We waited in line and got in and saw two (or three?) great performances. I seem to recall hearing rumblings of trouble when I went to the bathroom or went to buy shirts. Anyway, the show ended and we were not only exhausted but totally drenched with sweat. We walk outside into HELL! A nice sunny day turned into hell as a thunderstorm had rolled in. Off in the distance there was thunder and lightning. But more amazing was the police in riot gear and the helicopters. Sunset Blvd was closed off and we were being rushed to the cars and told to leave. We have no idea what the hell is going on and had no intention of leaving. We were to tired to want to start driving to San Diego already and just wanted to relax for awhile and discuss the show since we had been seperated. Apparantly what happened was the promoter over sold the show so not everyone got in. If you can imagine a few hundred rabid and probably drunk/drugged Slayer fans outside a venue where the band is playing(!) and having a legitimate ticket and being told you can’t come in!!!! Well they rioted. Started destroying store fronts along Sunset and other mischief. The worst I remember seeing was a girl being carted away on a stretcher. She was hurt by glass from the doors in front of the Palladium. To this day I was under the impression she was thrown through the window but I doubt that now. Needless to say she was hurt. It was on the news that night and I showed it to my parents to show them what it is I do in LA….they were not pleased and to this day I doubt they understand why a person would riot. I understand it perfectly especially if the people rioting had seen the RiB show 13 months earlier. They knew what they were missing…

(More stories to follow)

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  1. Kara says:

    Hey Jim,
    Love the name and your design. Looking forward to more on movies.

  2. Mariela says:

    It’s me…read ur stories in awe…u have seen so many shows…skeleton design just great…missing u always.

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