Lost in the chaos

In reply to this thread I wrote:

I don’t think time has been “ripped asunder, into two discrete lines”. Not only have the producers stated we are not watching parallel timelines but my blog post does a fairly good job explaining the FS will be the new reality and will serve as the epilogue to the show. An epilogue the producers knew back in Season 1 they could not show AFTER the climatic events of the last episode. http://www.unovis.com/index.php/archives/24

And about chaos….an observer of a chaotic event, observed for the first time cannot know where it is going. It precludes prediction of the final event. You can study the event afterward and conclude that the seemingly unpredictable nature of the events did lead to the specific point and that it will always lead to a specific point. In other words, to use the rock in a pond analogy, we know from multiple times of throwing a rock we cannot predict the ripples but can predict it will end calm. But the first time we threw the rock we had no idea what we can predict about the ending.

Speaking creatively about Lost, the viewers cannot predict where this is going anymore than Jacob and MIB can do it. Any prediction Jacob/MiB might have is not chaos but rather whatever powers they have. However, the creators of Lost have had 6 years or so to create the events and study in minutiae how it all works. THEY can most certainly place a butterfly any point in the show, have it invoke meaning that someone might construe as the butterfly event and be able to point afterwards to say that this was what led to the inevitable conclusion. After all, it is not Jacob/MiB or the little kid that is God…it is the creators of the show who are.

And I was thinking one other thing now. The act of viewing something changes that which is being viewed. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncertainty_principle) As the creators of Lost have finally finished the script for the last episode and are filming it now, once it gets to editing the show is no longer in their control. So they will no longer be able to react to people writings and theories on the show and make changes so that someone did not predict the ending long ago. This will be the first time in history of the show where what we write can be proven correct or incorrect without the ability of the creators to manipulate the results.

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